11 Tips and Tools for Twitter

With so many platforms to get our messaging out to the masses, it’s hard to do all of them well.  However, when you decide to take on social media, make sure you’re consistent, relevant and responsive.  Twitter may be a great place to start.  Here a few tips and tools to get started and grow your following.

  1. If you’re not on Twitter, join – create a catchy, simple name (create a complete Twitter profile:  name, company name, main product, brand, etc.)
  2. If you’re acting as “you”, put a picture of yourself up not some cartoon (personalize your Twitter screen)
  3. Tweet engaging stuff before you look for followers
  4. Become a power user with an application like TweetDeck.com
  5. Go mobile – install the Twitter app on your mobile devices; increases your ability to get your recommended 2-3 tweets/day
  6. Use a free tool like  TweetBeep.com to track who is tweeting about you or your company
  7. Use the “reply” button (don’t ignore people) – it’s as simple as having good manners
  8. Connect with people through Direct Message and track trending with Twitscoop.com
  9. Have direct conversations with people (don’t let some application to automatically respond in your place)
  10. Share videos and photos has they happen to spice up your tweets –  Twitpic.com
  11. Learn how to hashtag correctly, a great way to get your message out to more than just your followers – visit Twitter’s best practices for hastagging the Twitter way

And lastly, remember to reciprocate and acknowledge.  If you’re Tweeting information that you found useful enough to retweet from another Twitter member, recognize them in your tweet – cite their Twitter name and or the source.

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