5 Quick & Dirty Steps to Eliminate Blogger’s Block

“What should I write about? Who would be interested in what I know?” I hear this a lot when entrepreneurs start being active on their blogs. They’re all experts in their field of interest but somehow they assume everyone else is too.  And they assume the others are putting themselves out there already.

I too used to think that but soon found out that  many people failed to understand the importance of SEO for their websites. For those who still don’t know – SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization; website design nowadays is designed around SEO and keywords. So bloggers, here’s my technique – feel free to share it and apply it in your work:

1. Pick a subject – any subject you feel you know best or can easily research it; preferably some kind of problem lots of people are confronted with. Describe the problem in 2-4 sentences.
2. Identify your audience – in other words who are writing this for? Who are the people affected by this problem?
3. How can the problem be fixed? List all tools, techniques, methods, links, people, resources, etc. that can help solve the problem. Be succinct with your list but give enough information that everyone can understand.
4. Create the list in a bullet form (people love lists) – with links to the each resource.
5. Write a brief conclusion with the benefits of solving the problem “your way” and leave it open for comments and/or questions. Get the dialogue going.


What do you think? Try it out and let me know if this method works for you.

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