How to Spy on Your Competition and Never Get Caught

1. All You Need is a Keyword

Pick a keyword that describes your competition’s core service or product. Be geographically specific (i.e. “home alarm system Los Angeles”)

2. Stay Calm and Google it

Fire up your favorite browser and type in the keyword (like the above text) and use quotation marks around it.

3. Analyze this!

Analyze the top 10 listings usually listed on the first page (they usually get about 75% of clicks)

4. Now ask Yourself This:

  • How is their overall design and structure of the website?
  • Does it look like the content is fresh or outdated?
  • Do they focus on signing up people for a newsletter?
  • Do they offer any freebies?

If the answer to the last 2 questions is “yes”, create a non-business email through Yahoo or Google and signup for their freebies (newsletter, etc.). Keep checking out the communication they send.

5. How Loud are they on Social Media?

Really, how do they stack up on social media? Are they active and effective or a mere presence? Click on their social media links and check out their Facebook and Twitter traffic. Make a note on how frequently do they post. Follow them and keep up with any new developments.

Now that you know the secret sauce the competition is cooking, what are you going to do about it?

How will you improve your own marketing and be better than theirs? Start thinking how to make your own website more interactive. How can you engage more customers that can provide feedback?

If you don’t know where to start and need help figuring all this stuff out let’s chat about it. We are just one phone call away (248-939-2679) or if you are shy you can always use our contact form. We’d love to help!

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