7 Powerful Procedures to Pimp Out your Pinterest Profile

Uploading pictures in Pinterest is a child’s play. So is re-pinning. The problem appears with “what pictures” and “how can I keep the momentum going”?

Here are a few little tricks to get you out of the rut:

  1. Take a snapshot of your website and upload. Don’t forget to add a snazzy description and drop a couple of hashtags
  2. Do a search on famous quotes, fire up your favorite image editor and create that special quote
  3. Select one of your personal pictures, add a sticky note to it and post. For some reason, people tend to open pics with sticky notes
  4. Upload your favorite song or an album cover from Spotify
  5. Take a snapshot of your Twitter profile and upload to Pinterest
  6. Open Google Maps, find the location of your company, your travel destination, places you want to see, etc., capture the screen and upload
  7. Find pictures you like and add your own captions. make it fun and playful

and now as a bonus here are a 3 more:

  1. Take pictures of your products, add a short description and upload
  2. Use testimonials and the pictures of those who gave you the testimonials and upload in Pinterest
  3. When participating at events, don’t miss the opportunity and snap some pictures

You can find Tangerine5 on Pinterest here. Follow up and we’ll follow you back if your profile is interesting enough. If not – make it interesting with the tips described above and you will be the most interesting Pinterest profile in the world.

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