7 Mind Blowing Secrets that Can Save Your Business

One of the most powerful tools to boost traffic to your company website is to open up a blog.  New customers are looking for fresh ideas and new ways of solving their problems. Give them what they want by constantly writing and updating your blog with fresh content and potential customers will seek you out.

Did you know that more than 150,000 new blogs are launched every day?

1. WHAT are You Selling?

What is the purpose of starting a blog anyway? Forget about the design, the fancy fonts and cool colors. The most important thing to remember is this: You have something valuable to share with the rest of the world.

Think about why you want to do this. Without the “what” there is no “why”. So you think you can dance? Fine – make a blog about that and share your dance moves with the all those who might be interested.

Maybe you are selling widgets, are emerged in the current political debate or just need to vent (although if you are promoting your business I don’t recommend venting about anything – it just doesn’t look professional and you will do more damage to yourself and your business).

Remember – purpose and content will bring more eyes to your site. More eyes – more customers!

2. WHO are You Selling it To?

Every business service or product serves a purpose, addresses needs for a certain market niche. You will have to captivate this market with a clear message promoting that certain something that solves someone’s problem.
If you do that, you will build your fan base in no time. Write from the heart and pour your passion into every word and readers will flock to your blog.

The secret to this is not only to captivate readers but to captivate them in such manner that they will keep on coming back for more. This is where 95% of bloggers out there fail to understand. Just writing 2-3 articles will not result in thousands of people coming back to your blog. It’s impossible for people not to get bored reading the same articles over and over again.

You want readers to return, again and again. In fact, you want them to subscribe and have your articles being delivered in their e-mail in boxes every time you post. Your blog will probably come with RSS feeds and many other widgets that will allow your readers to subscribe. Learn about these tools, and take advantage of them as much as you can.

3. People Buy You When You Make it About Them

It doesn’t really matter how good your service or product is. If you don’t know it – people will sense it and walk away. Make sure you know what you are talking about so people can perceive you as the expert, the guru, the know-it-all about that particular subject. Tell them about the benefits not your skills.

In every article that you write, you will have to prove it again and again. Don’t ever assume people already know you are an expert in your field. How would they unless you let them know through your articles?

You must provide that know-how that gives people a reason to read, return, subscribe to your blog and eventually become loyal customers.

4. Everybody Loves Free Stuff

The benefit or expertise that you are offering will not captivate an audience right away. You need to lure them in with some free stuff; movie tickets, dinner for two, free holiday post cards, an e-Report you put together.

People love free stuff and will begin to like you even before they read you. Whatever your free offering is, make sure it is front page, in bright colors so there is no doubt about your intentions.

Don’t let people look, fight or even search for it. The offer has to be in their faces at all times but most of all it has to contain something of value. If they don’t find a reason to read past your first line, they are gone in about 1 second flat.

In order to be successful you have to be generous. So, give away free stuff.

5. Content is King

If your blog is one big, online commercial, people will be turned off by it and will never return. Remember – you are selling expertise not used cars (and who likes used car sales people anyway?). Your products and services are additional but not front stage. Address people’s interest, fears, emotions and they will become customers.
So – be creative and write. Don’t self-promote – promote your audience’s emotions and you will be successful.

6. Consistency is Queen

Run your blog like you run your business. As you schedule team meetings, emails, lunches and presentations, do the same with your blog. This is your 24×7 “sales person”.

Treat it as such and set aside time, every day to update your posts, write something new, connect with someone, write a new e-report, e-book, create that free information. Whatever it is, do something on a daily basis and your blog will grow with your readers.

7. What’s Your Competition Doing?

“Um..nothing. My competition is using none of the social media platforms to promote themselves?”
Hard to believe but…congratulations! You are already a winner.

Always go on line and search for competitors. See what they are doing and contribute to their blogs. Something memorable that could steal their readers to your blog. No – “thank you! Nice blog” won’t cut it. You’ll have to come up with something much better than that. Make sure you plug in your own URL blog (of course if they allow it).

Do your homework every day, be active on your blog and others as well and you will turn that expert you’ve always wanted to be and your readers will follow you. In fact some of your competitor’s blog will follow you too if you are interesting enough or your advice is better and addresses their needs in a more comforting way.

Bonus Secret #8

WYAO – That stands for Work Your Ass Off – indeed that’s where more than 95% of people fail. They think they write 3-4 articles and people will flock to their website and break down the door asking for services and products. be consistent and give your 100%. That is THE ONLY way to make a difference.

Have you found any other way? If so – please do share with us.


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