Branding in the Digital Age (Digital Trends and Tips)

I attended a webinar on digital trends and brand building last week and would like to share some notes :

On Building Brands in the Digital Age (Trends)

Technology has changed the way we interact and communicate with each other. The Internet is about information, entertainment, and community. Here are some of the digital trends happening right now:

#1 Communications across different devices/platform
According to the 2013 Infinite Dial Report by Edison Research, there are 256 million U.S. users on TV, 243 million on radio, 232 million on the Internet, 182 million connected at home via broadband, 177 million connected at home via wi-fi, and 139 million smartphone users.

Challenge: How to connect the device fragmentation

Cut accross the four screens. Fragmentation of devices is creating need for content creators to do multi platform information.

#2 Two-way communication process – It’s no longer one way broadcast.

The rise of social, video, and rich media completely changed that. The people we serve are in control.

#3 Ads a service

Ads today may now be in the form of Maps, Games, Video, etc.

Is an ad a message or a service?

Talk back to your customers.

#4 Online video- the next big space

By 2014 90% of all Internet traffic will be video! (Gartner)

Take advantage of consumers’ love for online video. Embrace online video as a means to interact with the public.


On getting your business on mobile

– Consumers are in love with mobile

We used it for search queries and for entertainment. Mobile usage complements desktop.

Challenge: Consumers are demanding content on their terms, when they want it, on the device they want it, and access it seamlessly.

Most successful apps are useful and/or entertaining!

– Use uniquely mobile features such as click to call, click to download, location extensions (nearby stores)

Make it easy to convert or transact or purchase.

– Mobile is a must-have. Mobile is a multiplier. Mobile works across marketing.

The challenge for businesses: how to leverage search, and “mobile has to be at the center of that”. If you are a business owner, understand you cannot rely anymore exclusively on traditional media. Create a mobile and social strategy! Design your mobile app for different platform. Offer entertainment, utility or both.


Some interesting stats/figures to guide us in our digital strategy:

> Over 2.4B people globally are online; 1.2B of which uses a social network

> 91% of top hundred brands of the world has mobile apps

> 72 hours video uploaded to Youtube per minute; 300,000 full length movies uploaded per week; 3B hours video content over a month

> An average consumer sources information from almost 11 different sites online before making a purchase

> 1 sec delay = 7% loss in conversions. 11% fewer page views and 16% decrease in customer satisfaction

> Mobile phone search has surged 120%, driving “absolutely explosive growth in queries”

The pace of digital change is enormous – with social networking, mobile web, smartphones and now tablet computing, we need to adapt to stay abreast. But let’s also remember that these tools are useless unless put into service. So let’s take advantage of the opportunity that digital media offers by connecting and creating solutions for real world problems.

Which of these digital trends have you already experienced? How do you build brands in the digital age? Please leave your questions and comments in the box below.

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