Is Your Title Damaging Your On-line Reputation?

Don’t underestimate the power of one of the most common elements of your website/blog – the title tag (<title>). Google puts much emphasis on this tag and you should strongly consider it next time you update or construct your site.

Here are 5 killer rules that will improve your brand instantly and rank higher in organic Google searches.

  1. Every page should have a title and each page title should be different
  2. The title should contain no more than 65 characters (including spaces)
  3. The title should be unique and fresh – plan them carefully
  4. The title should incorporate a CTA (Call To Action), even a provocative statement (usually a verb-noun combination)
  5. Each page should contain and/or reflect the same keywords used in the title

And there you have it – 5 killer rules you should abide by and make it easy for Google to find your site. ┬áIf you ignore your titles, your on-line brand and reputation will suffer.

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