How to Make $40,000 with Your Website

If your website looks dated, let’s say circa 2000 or is simply as plain as a white wall, 5 seconds is all the time needed for a web visitor to stay or flee. Based on how interesting or whimsical your website is, we humans can decide quickly if we should invest another 2-3 minutes of our time to click around.

Your website MUST be aesthetically pleasing for people to even consider of giving you another shot at their precious time. Think of it as your own window display at a busy mall.  Ask yourself the question, “would I stop and glance at a non-interesting, cookie cutter, boring display?”  More than likely NOT.  And that’s what you need to consider when others are visiting your “window display”.

A creative and functional website is your opportunity to show you’re a professional who cares about your business image. Remember that 60% of first impressions are appearance.

Several weeks ago we received a phone call from an old colleague; a local businessman – let’s call him Joe. Joe had an impressive portfolio of services and his accomplishments were well known in the community. What Joe did not have was the proper medium to display his completed projects in an attractive and functional website.

He was reluctant about revitalizing his digital image and kept his website built around the time when AOL was mass-mailing subscription CDs to every American with a pulse. Joe did not believe in the power of his digital image and the times were clearly ahead of him. He ignored the fact that a website has the potential of attract visitors and convert them into real clients even while sleeping.

An out-of state company opened shop in Joe’s town and start asking for bids for an important renovation project. The members of the bidding committee asked for the digital portfolios. As you can imagine Joe was not in the position to fulfill that request.

The bid was awarded for $40,000 to another company.  The awarded bid was double the amount of Joe’s bid submission, and it was awarded to a competitor based solely on the way bidders presented their digital portfolio. The winning company not only presented an attractive portfolio but they showcased their creations on the web and proved to the decision makers that they are serious about their craft. For a fraction of the amount awarded, Joe could have invested in a professional website which would have doubled, even tripled his return on investment for a professional digital presence.

Do you have what it takes to impress a client or prospect enough to pay for your services or products?  Does your digital and professional image demand $40,000? Do you have the 60% first impression covered… so you can concentrate on the remaining 40%? Tangerine5 can help you achieve that polished and sophisticated digital image and project your web presence in the most appealing way possible.

Call or email us today so next time you won’t miss the opportunity to make  your next $40,000 based on your outdated or non performing website.

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