Know Your Future Customer NOW!

  • The new customer will decide slower
  • They will compare you with others on 3 simultaneous platforms
  • The new customer will expect more and better quality
  • They will fire up an app rather than drive down the road to the bank
  • They will check out your website, LinkedIn or Facebook profile before meeting you
  • They will not buy a house or a car the same way it was done before
  • They are Google-ing not YellowPage-ing
  • They are watching the Daily Show and are indeed buying online by the millions
  • They know as much about your product, service and prices as you
  • They probably know more about your competition than you do
  • They don’t believe in voicemail
  • If they do leave a message they will expect a phone call back within minutes
  • They will expect a live person when calling customer service
  • They expect you to be on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • If you are a business, they will search your website and judge your credibility by it
  • If you are a blogger they will judge you based on your web clout
  • They will look you up on Angie’s list before you fix their sink/car/shoes, etc.
  • They will text rather than talk
  • They will send a picture rather than text
  • They will expect you to be as tech savvy as they are
  • They will consume slices of information not full blown reports
  • They will like you on Social Media if you like them back
  • They will look at pictures and understand the message
  • They will watch 30 seconds of a video and understand the message
  • They will not spend more than 30 seconds reading an article
  • They will probably read this one since it’s timed for 30 seconds and has a picture

Knowing all this (and there are probably more) are you ready to meet your new customer? Do you have the skills, talents, tools, artifacts, paraphernalia and mostly – the strategy to listen, understand, learn, educate, entertain, capture, retain, serve and satisfy your NEW future customer?


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