You Are Crazy if You Don’t Follow these 4 Social Media Secrets

No company will succeed without Social Media. Like it or not Social Media is here to stay so better get on the band wagon now and flex your on line muscle. “But there are so many social media sites out there. How do I keep up with all of them?” – you ask.

The secret to being productive on Social Media is updating 1 place that automagically cascades and instantly updates all your other social media sites.

Follow these 5 easy steps and secure a strong presence on the internet. The key, of course is consistency and perseverance.

1. Have a Bios

Call it Bios, call it anything you want; just write it. Create a document in Word/WordPad or Notepad about yourself. This doesn’t mean that you need to copy and paste your resume. In a nut-shell here are some guidelines:

  • Keep it short and sweet – somewhere between 300-400 words should do
  • Be concise but personal. Write from the heart
  • Stay away from political, religious, gender or any other group affiliation beliefs. That will pigeon-hole you faster than you can spell “blog”.
  • TRY NOT TO SELL SOMETHING – just be yourself
  • Do check punctuation and grammar.
  • Have somebody else read the blurb and ask what don’t they like about it. You’ll get more constructive criticism than asking why or what they like.
  • Rework your piece if necessary but make it solid and to the point.
  • Make it shorter. No! Shorter

2. Show me Your Good Side

Find a good picture of yourself and crop it to size. Head and shoulders is sufficient. Save it on your hard drive in different sizes so you can easily upload it on a variety of social media applications (i.e. FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.). Do not rely on their cropping features because you might end up with slightly blurry versions of the picture for your profile.

  • The picture should be of you and not a group picture of you and your friends.
  • Be professional and make sure your pic reflects that. No crazy avatar, “Superman” symbol or any of the childish stuff you find on teen sites.
  • Remember – if you want to be taken seriously – put your best professional face forward.

Tips for getting the right picture:

  • No complicated background
  • No Hawaiian shirts or “eye-hurting” pieces of clothing
  • If possible use a light blue background – any decent photographer will tell you that’s best to emphasize your features
  • Use close-ups

3. Open 5 Social Media Accounts

Here’s a short list that will have an immediate impact on your web presence:

  • Twitter (
  • Facebook (
  • YouTube (
  • Digg (
  • LinkedIn (

Note: Please do save your login and password information in a secure place. If possible do not use the same password for each application. This will come handy when you forget your password or your login name.

4. One Account Controls Them All

Open an account with Hootsuite ( and control all your messages from there. Did you write a new article for your blog? Let everyone know by updating your account. Made some changes to your site that could benefit everyone in your network? Let hootsuite do all the updating for you.


These are 4 easy steps where you can take your web presence and social media mastering to a new level. Be active and update your presence often and with meaningful stuff. Allow some time and you will see astonishing results.

People love positive things so B+!

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