Top Tips for Improving Your Online Presence

Here are some great tips on how you can improve the online presence for your business:

  • Submit your business to local listings
    Do a local search for your business make sure your listing is up to date and accurate so customers get the right information about your business.
  • Add or verify your business listing with data providers for search engines
    Search engines and local search sites use data providers (e.g. InfoUSA, Localeze, InsiderPages, MerchantCircle, etc.) and it’s very important that you update their listing of your business.
  • List your business in the correct category 
    Very often the owner (or the webmaster creating the website) categorizes the business listing in the wrong category. Include as many relevant categories as possible to your business to attract customers.
  • When possible include product / service keywords in your local business listing title
    This tactic will help customers find your business more easily on search engines and you will be ranked higher in the process.
  • Check the accuracy of your full name and address on all search sites and especially your website
    A full and accurate address generates a sense of trust for both customers and for search engines so make sure that wherever you appear on the web, your information is up to date, accurate and consistent throughout.
  • Hire a professional and build a great website with an optimized number of keywords and good content
    Your company website is the image project on the web to the rest of the world. Show the world you care about your image, your business and your customers with a unique, easy to navigate website. Stay away from cheap imitations, standard templates and cookie cutters (one size fits all) websites. If you want to stand out from the crows so should your website/blog.
  • Get your customers to write online reviews and testimonials about your business
    Many customers look for objective reviews before they decide where to spend their money. Online reviews of your business can also contribute to your ranking on search engines as they give credibility to your business and puts your potential customers at ease.
  • Encourage your customers to talk well on and offline about you
    Create more “buzz” around your business. Customer feedback is always good and you an use that to your advantage to improve your business.
  • Understand and use social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Flickr, etc. to stay in touch with customers and attract new ones
    Use these sites to form a community for your business – this is a good way to communicate with existing customers, advertise sales or specials, and a good way to be visible to potential customers. 
  • Create a blog and be active on others as well
    This is the cheapest way to sort of “toot your own horn” on line. It only takes time to research and write on your blog but very soon you might be able to attract more and more people who enjoy your products and/or services. In addition – your website and thus the company’s brand will rank higher in the search engines. This might not be sufficient unless you also find other blogs within your niche and become an active contributor.
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