Why You Should be Armed & Dangerous with Your Email Signature

Not having an email signature is like saying “Don’t mind me…I’m nobody”

Having a signature and not taking advantage of its power is sacrilege.

Here is a powerful email signature:

Johnny Queue

Marketing Knight in Shining Armor Helping YOU Succeed in Business

Tel: 888-555-1212

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Here’s what some of the people I helped are saying about my services:

“Johnny Queue is awesome. He helped me boost my client base from none to 50 in 2 month time. I enjoy his materials and I can always ask for help. Did I mention he’s got a bubbly personality” – Suzie BusinessLady at Another Company Inc.

Let’s examine and extract the fine elements that define this powerful email signature:

1. Stop making it about YOU

This might be your signature but everything you send out to clients has to be about them. Yes, including your signature. Stop with the “Buy my service”, “Hire me”…”me, me, me”. Nobody wants to hear that, let alone read it. Offer something of value, even if it’s only your phone number which brings us to fine element number 2 of your email signature.

2. Do have a phone number in your signature

Pretty basic, right? You’ll be surprised how many people forget to add that to their email signature. I know I have your email address but what if I really need to call you? If you are not providing that it means only one thing to me – you don’t want to be bothered and in that case why would I bother with you?

3. Your Email Signature Should be Magnetic

Seduce don’t solicit. Offer something of value and do it with class. Make sure the Call to Action is prominent and clear. It should stand out and it should look good; seductive even.

4. Have more than 1 signature

Yes – you read that right. Based on the opportunity, attach the email that best describes the services needed to help your client with. I’m sure you are a person of many talents but you are not going to add all of them to one signature. So split them up and create 2 or 3 signatures. If your perspective client is interested in a particular set of talents/services then use the appropriate signature.

5. Include a Testimonial

Show proof of how valuable you are to the reader by providing at least one testimonial from one of your clients. Make sure you get their blessing first. Do keep it fresh by rotating the testimonials every so often. Use testimonials from within the same industry so if the perspective client is a chef do not send him testimonials about manufacturing.

You can always have fun and raise interest (or eyebrows) by adding a funny little line after your name instead of some dull title like “VP of Strategic Development”. A friend of mine, Mark Rubin uses this line for his title: ”Miracles Worked. Dragons Slain. Maidens Rescued”.

It’s not really a job title but it always gets a chuckle and puts people at ease, especially when they stare at each other from across a conference room table. And since he is in the software industry he could even play a bit with that: “Miracles Worked. Bugs Slain. Systems Rescued”

And there you have it. Arm yourself with a powerful email signature and spread your positive message. If you already have a seductive signature, please do share. We’d love to publish the best signatures, right here on this blog.

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