Will Your Business Survive THE YEAR 2020?

Adobe Digital Index analyzed over 1 Billion visits to 1000+ websites and discovered that web traffic comes from:


For a technology that is only about 3 years old, the tablet sector shows very impressive results.

So, what’s on the horizon? Will this percentage increase? If so, how will the rise of the tablet impact your business? Does this even keep you up at the night? If not, it should.
As the graph indicates, the traffic on your website should not be any different. I bet the majority of your website visits comes from a laptop or a desktop. For now.

But what about next year or 2, 3 years from now? What about 7 years from now when Generation Z is hitting the job market and will eventually thicken the ranks of your potential clients? Will the traffic numbers be the same? My guess is that these numbers will be upside down where laptops and desktops will populate the 7% or 8% column.

How will you entice your new clients to start paying attention to you instead of your competition? Will you even be digitally relevant in the year 2020? With a website that doesn’t respond well to a mobile device, the answer will invariably be “no”.

Here’s how Wikipedia defines members of Generation Z:” …highly connected, having had lifelong use of communication and media technology like the World Wide Web, instant messaging, text messaging, MP3 players, and mobile phones, earning them the nickname ‘digital natives’”.

The future of your business depends on the ability of your digital image to quench the tech thirst of this savvy geek army of 23 million strong. These “highly connected” individuals can work both the tablet and the smart phone (often in the same time) faster than you can say: “I need a responsive website”.

In just 7 short years, your website will have to be responsive and adapt to any resolution, device screen size and browser. If you do not prepare for all three, the potential Gen Z customer will bypass and ignore your website (the main digital entrance into your business) without remorse and with little chance of getting their eyeballs back on it.
So what can we marketers do about that?

The obvious answer is – RESPONSIVE DESIGN. Make your website adapt to any device, especially the tablet. That is the future of web surfing and there is no turning back. In a very near future, desktops will be seen like the Kodak film cameras of the 90’s. Laptops will have to be so thin and lightweight that consumers will have a hard time trying to decide between that and a tablet.

If your business is revolving around social media, music, entertainment, travel and banking then your website should definitely have a mobile version. According to Adobe Digital Index the mobile phone users topple the tablet surfers in this category.

Ecommerce is the arena where tablet users beat the mobile surfers hands down. So if you are a retailer, sell anything over the web, especially cars, a website that accommodates the tablet requirements is the way to go.

Adapt your image to the new requirements and needs of your future clients and your business will thrive and will be accepted by the new generation. Ignore them and you might, at best, have to rethink your entire marketing strategy. Be ready for when 2020 strikes and prepare your website with the ultimate survival kit – RESPONSIVE DESIGN.

So, how will your website stand for the responsive design challenge?

Please contact us today and we will provide a FREE website analysis and tell you how prepared you are for your new wave of eager technology clients.

All graphs and numbers courtesy of http://blogs.adobe.com/digitalmarketing/digital-index/tablets-trump-smartphones-in-global-website-traffic/

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